Alpha Gamma Sigma was a fraternity at Pomona College. Back in 1947, fraternity pledges had to register with the Dean's office and were not allowed to attend the rush of more than three fraternities. No freshmen were allowed to rush. The names of pledges were published in the school paper. Spring 1947
Fall 1948 Through the fifties, AGS presented concerts from Heifetz and Arthur Rubinstein playing Chopin and Beethoven and symphonies to the Blue and White and Glee Clubs. Co-eds got pins from many members. Many members were also active in the Ghosts, which secretly selected members at a public party. Pledges were forced to wear cardboard nametags around their necks while undergoing HellWeekend.

February 1954, a piano was moved into the cabin.

In March 1955, Pete Sternad won the election for ASPC presidency.

1961 was the year Jai-Alai became a craze in the frat. Luahs and volleyball were the fashion.

1963 brought skateboarding. The Baseline-Foothill drop was a favorite pipeline for hotdogging.

The sixties brought innovations to the group. The changes, and the process of changing, continued into the seventies. Then the bill came due and the cabin had to be sold.

Spring 1954

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